Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Breezy Dialog Poem

Madeline Smith is a talented young writer.  This is the second of Madeline's poems published at STUDENTS PUBLISH HERE!  The first is here. Watch for others to appear in the near future.

Tea Talk

Two ladies were at tea one day.
The hostess then began to say
‘Ah, yes, my figure has grown lanky
With twenty children to chase and spanky!”
The guest said, “I thought nineteen?”
The first, “Things are not as they seem.
I, in fact, gave birth last night.”
Then, the reply: “What a delight!
Pray, what is the dear babe’s name?”
“Malcolm Mauritius Cornelius Tremain
Vernon Jamaica...and Edwards, of course.”
“Well, I too gave birth.”
“What’s that, your fourth?”
“No, the other day to join the mix,
We adopted twenty-six!”

--Madeline Smith
(Grade 8)


Anonymous said...

i do indeed think you have talent, madeline. you are humourous, intresting and clearly enjoy writing.thanks.

chandler e. hamby... another poet

Madeline Smith said...

Thanks so much, Chandler, I really enjoy your writing as well. Keep it up!