Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Topaz the Hunter

Here is another poem by the talented young poet, Miriam Parrish.  The first of Miriam's poems to appear at STUDENTS PUBLISH HERE! was co-authored with Madeline Smith and titled "The Petty Slight."

Hopeless Hunt

“Topaz, my pup, small and slim,
What is it you want to win?”

“I am swift, lithe, bold, and smart
I’ll catch a squirrel: I know the art.”

“Squirrels above use twig and bough.
But you cannot, and even now
The squirrels bound overhead quite free!
Alas, you simply will not see!"

“Just watch! Such little faith have you.
I’ll catch a squirrel and slay it, too.”

--Miriam Parrish

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