Wednesday, December 12, 2012

God had a Plan!

Did You Know?


Did you know the reason for Christmas?

Do you know the tree represents life?

Did you know the story behind the nativity?

Did you hear about Joseph and his wife?


Sin is when

You disobey.

We all sin -

We are born that way.

But God had a plan

He sent His Son

A perfect man

And the only One

Who could forgive us

Because He loved us.

He’s the baby you see

In the nativity.


For just like us he was born and died

Yet he never broke the law or lied.

When the breath left from His head,

Three days later He rose from the dead!

Then He returned to His heavenly home

But we are never alone!

He lives in Heaven – the beginning and the end.

He wants you to be His friend.


If this thing you do,

When you die

In Heaven you’ll be, too.

I am not exaggerating.

That’s why we are celebrating.

--Shelby Stuart (grade 5)
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