Friday, May 3, 2013

Clause Poems

Clause Poem Rubric
First Line:  Adverb clause ( ending with a noun or pronoun
Second Line: Adjective clause (who/which) describing the previous noun or pronoun and ending with a verb, noun, or preposition
Third Line: Noun Clause functioning as a DO of the preceding verb, APP of the preceding noun, or OP of the preceding preposition
Fourth Line:  VVSS serving as a conclusion of the stanza’s (paragraph’s) thought.


God’s Rain
By Hope Ellen Rapson

When I gaze through windows on a rainy day
which seems to fill my whole world with
tears shed by God just for me,
I pray.

Where is the gray cloud of sin inside my soul
which causes You, God, to singly send
the pattering puddles I see?
I ask.

Because I question my self-centered heart
Which often fogs or blurs heaven’s answer,
“Only grace and mercy fall here,”
I trust.

Student work/sample:
The Window

By Libby Myers

When on a dreary day I stare, out a window
That catches pattering raindrops
Like a crystalline giant,
I sit and watch.

If I press my nose upon the cold pane,
That stands between me and the world,
My breath makes obscuring mist upon it,
I watch and wait.

As tears cut wet paths upon my face
That is drawn with unimaginable pain
Emotions raging inside me
They bring bitter relief.

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