Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Three Phrase Lyric

Definition and purpose: A lyric is designed to communicate a feeling through imagery.

  1. Pick an image that means something to you
  2. Examine the feelings it give you
  3. Craft them into phrases that communicate the picture and emotion without a subject or a verb.

Rubric pattern:

First Line: Participial Phrase (Refrain)

Second Line: Gerund Phrase

Third Line: Infinitive Phrase

Fourth Line: Refrain

Fifth Line: Infinitive Phrase

Sixth Line: Gerund Phrase

Seventh Line: Refrain 


By Hope Ellen Rapson

Shimmering in the moonlight
The shining of peaceful dark
To sleep in a quiet wood
Shimmering in the moonlight
To drink deeply of quiet air 
The resting of the busy day 
Shimmering in the moonlight

Here are some student responses to this lesson:

By Shelby Blakeman (Grade 10)

The tranquilizing
To rush
Washing away all fears
The feeling of peace
Washing away all cares.


ed pacht said...

I came home from church this morning and opened this blog. U decided to try my hand at building such a lyric. You know, it's harder than it sounds. Anyway, here are a couple of tries.


Lying in my palm,
the coming of a holy Presence
to fill my life with love,
lying in my palm
to save me from myself,
the feeding of a hungry soul:
lying in my palm.


Falling wetly from the sky,
a weeping from the One who cares
to cleanse and heal a messed up world,
falling wetly from the sky,
to show the world His deep compassion,
a calling to the badly broken,
falling wetly from the sky.

-----ed pacht

Alice Linsley said...

Wonderful, Ed. You always produce really good poems!