Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another Dog Poem!

Letting the Dog In

by Emily Ruppel

Whereas the cat has found her way

along the low roof and through

– a quick and weightless leap –

the open window of the master

room, the dog croons wearily to

an implacable moon, fastened

as he is by gravity and obedience

to the big oak in the midnight yard.

Rain falls faster, fuller, the master

still at large come one a.m. I’m curling

my tongue round the pads of my paws,

attenuating their wetness in

the warmth of the guttering fire.

I hear you, yes, and feel the surge

of what must be pity—a broad,

ambiguous heave of it. Less for you,

perhaps, than for your dimly

imagined ancestors, that they

trustingly and with such buoyance

year after vanishing year made

the selections they did.

This poem was first published in the 2015 God and Nature Magazine, a publication of the American Scientific Affiliation.

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