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Murtagh and Thorn
Drawing by Mary Cullen.
"My mind is the only sanctuary that has not been stolen from me. Men have tried to breach it before, but I've learned to defend it vigorously, for I am only safe with my innermost thoughts."— Murtagh

By Gabrielle A. Hartenstein
Grade 6

Once there was a girl. Her name was Eladrienia. She was a bright girl of 15, but she always had her head in the clouds. She heard stories of dragons and elves and the famous rider, Eragon. She always imagined herself riding on top of a dragon and fighting with the elves against the evil King Lucifer. One day when Eladrienia went to fetch water, she heard an agonizing cry. She followed the sound to find an injured baby dragon. The dragon looked at her with navy eyes as big as diamonds.

‘’Hey there…you’re going to be all right…just hold still while I rap up this nasty wound,’’ Eladrienia explained cautiously. Eladrienia ripped a piece of her dress off and rapped it around the dragon's wound. ‘’There you go.’’ Eladrienia answered.

The dragon was black as night. The thing that troubled Eladrienia was that dragons do not just show up. They usually hatch from eggs, when the one they chose as their rider finds them. This one was already hatched, but alone. "Okay, you go now," Eladrienia responded. She went back to her jug but when she turned around the dragon was still there. “You really need to go,’’ Eladrienia explained.

As she began to walk home, she could hear the dragon trudging behind her.

"Please go away, you will get hurt if you are with me, or worse taken to Lucifer!’"

The dragon just stared at her.

"Okay you can come, but you have to be quiet."

So she put the dragon in her pack and set off carefully. When she arrived at her home, she gave the water to her aunt and went to her room. Eladrienia pulled out the baby dragon and set it on her bed. She made sure that the door and the blinds were shut. She sat on her bed and stared at the dragon. The dragon walked over to her and snuggled up against her shoulder, then it felt like fire to Eladrienia and she blacked out.

When Eladrienia woke up the dragon looked at her curiously, she felt different. She walked over to her looking glass. She gasped. She almost looked like an elf; and she had a weird scar on her shoulder.

"Bree! Dinner Time!" yelled her Aunt Lilly.

"Coming!" Eladrienia yelled back but in a quiet voice then she commented to the dragon, “You stay here.”

She put another dress on to cover up the scar, and she put up her hair in a way that her ears were covered. After dinner, Eladrienia snuck some meat to her room for the dragon. She was playing with the dragon when there was a knock on the door. Eladrienia tried to hide the dragon a little bit and then she went to the door. When she opened the door, a lady with the black hair that was always watching her was standing there.

"Eladrienia, let me in your room,’’ the women explained. “We need to talk privately.’’

"Um…you cannot go in there.’’ Eladrienia said frantically, as she tried to block the door.

Surprisingly, the women had enough strength to grab Eladrienia’s wrist, push her, and shut the door. The women’s eyes grew big when she saw the dragon.

"It’s you?’’ she questioned. She looked at Eladrienia and turned back to the dragon. She held out her hand to show the same sign that was on Eladrienia’s shoulder.

"A rider!’’ Eladrienia said to herself.

The women walked over to Eladrienia and she ripped off the sleeve of her dress exposing the scar. Then she pulled down Eladrienia’s hair to reveal her pointed ears. "The prophecy is true,’’ the woman said,’’ I’m Arya, a rider and an elf. You are the prophesied one, and you are in grave danger. You have to come with me.’’

"Wait, Arya the elf that fought with Eragon?’’ Bree asked.

"Yes, and we have to get you to him, the Varden, and Ellesmèra to sail you there.’’ Arya vehemently exclaimed,’’ Have you named your dragon yet?’’

"No, because I do not know if it’s a boy or a girl?’’ Eladrienia answered.
"It’s a boy.’’ Arya stated dully.

“Then his name is Deathstroke.’’ Eladrienia replied.

Eladrienia went into her brother’s room and took some trousers and shirts. Arya and Eladrienia snuck out of the house. As they traveled, Eldrienia felt as her mind was exposed. They had little trouble except that Deathstroke grew too big for the bag he was riding in, so he flew above them in the clouds.

One night while sitting around the fire Bree felt something touch her mind.

“Eladrienia,’’ it said.

“Who is this?’’ Eladrienia asked.


“You can hear me?’’


“Of course, I heard that dragons and the riders could talk with their minds.’’ Eladrienia explained excitedly.

Arya suddenly said, “I did not think the prophecy was true, and I found you. The weird thing is you appear similar like him.’’

“Like who?’’

“Eragon, well, when I first met him.’’

That was all they said to each other. During the time they were together, Arya taught Eladrienia to use magic and a sword. Eladrienia also started to ride Deathsrtoke. She decided that she liked to ride Deathstroke better than riding her horse.

One day as they were traveling Eladrienia asked, “What exactly does the prophecy say?’’

Arya was quiet for a moment. Then she replied, “The prophecy predicts that there will be a rider with the rider’s sign either his or her shoulder, and the dragon would be the as black as the sky. It also predicts that rider will defeat Lucifer.”

“Oh…but who will train me?’’

“Eragon. He will teach you to be fearless and strong.’’

“Why do I have to go to the Varden and Ellèsmera?’’

“Because we have to prove to Orik and Nasuada that the prophecy is true, and if we sail out from anywhere else but my home, Eragon will think we are intruders.’’

It was about a month or two before they arrived at the Varden.

“So the prophecy is true.’’ both Orik and Nasuada agreed.

“Yes, but I’m sure Lucifer has found out by now. That’s why I must get her to Ellesmèra and sail her out to Eragon before it’s too late,’’ Arya answered.

“Yes, hurry!’’ Nasuada protested.

So Eladrienia and Arya set off again. When they arrived at Ellesmèra, everybody was extremely elated. Unfortunately, Eladrienia was put on a ship the next day to go to Eragon. Deathstroke followed by the sky.

About three days later, Deathstroke touched Eladrienia’s mind, “There’s another dragon ahead; it must be Eragon.’’

Suddenly, Eladrienia felt a breeze of sleepiness sweep over her. Eladrienia woke up in a room with Deathstroke beside her. There was also a man looking at her; behind him was a blue sapphire dragon.

Eladrienia only had one thought when she saw him,’’Eragon.’’

“You’re lucky to be alive,’’ he explained. “You suffered from heat stroke. I came at just the right time.’’

“Thank you, for helping me.’’ Eldrienia answered in a quiet voice.

“I am Eragon Shadeslayer, and you are the prophesied one, and this is Saphira Brightscales, gesturing to the dragon behind him.

Eladrienia suddenly felt as if someone was invading her mind. Deathstroke was growling at Eragon, looking as if he was about to pounce on him, but Saphira kept him from doing it.

“Stop it!’’ Eladrienia screamed.

After a few minutes, she felt it as her mind was released.

“Good, it is actually you.’’ Eragon said. “I will leave you to get ready.’’

Eladrienia looked at Deathstroke and he gave her a gesture that sort of looked like a shrug. As Eladrienia stood up she was dizzy. She walked over to a desk to find a black shirt and black trousers. When she walked out of the cabin, riders and dragons were everywhere.

“Hail the prophesied one!’’ someone yelled from somewhere.

Then everyone knelt down and bowed to Eladrienia and Deathstroke. Eragon walked up toward Eladrienia and spoke saying, “You will train with me and when your training is complete you will go against Lucifer. Are you ready to begin?’’

“Yes…Master,’’ she replied.

“Let’s begin.’’ he answered.

Applause broke out.

Over the next few months, Eladrienia became very skilled with a sword. She caught on quickly when it came to magic and riding techniques on Deathstroke. The last day came. The riders’ sword maker presented Eladrienia with a black sword with silver engravings on it that said that she was the prophesied one in dwarfish and in elven. Before she, Eragon, and the others left, she went to her cabin to make sure her armor was ready for battle. She also went to say goodbye, because she might not come back. Eladrienia walked up to the looking glass and what she saw was not a farm girl, but a warrior. She had become stronger. The reason why she looked like an elf was because it was apparently part of the prophecy. Eragon was really fond of Eladrienia, but she never knew why. She wore black dragon scale armor. Eladrienia once had long hair, but she had had to cut it for training and for the battle. Eladrienia walked out of the cabin ready for battle, and if it be, ready for death.

As they flew, Eragon pulled up beside her and asked, “What did you name your sword?’’

"Tagingiera,’’ she answered. When she proclaimed that, her sword crackled with black lightning.

"Very nice.’’

As soon as they arrived they were attacked. About half way through the battle, a gigantic gray dragon appeared and on the dragon sat Lucifer.

“Dragon rider, you are too weak to defeat me, so join me!’’ he yelled.

“Never! You have terrorized this kingdom long enough! Now I will defeat you!’’ she screamed back.

The battle was bloody. Eladrienia was cut on the shoulder and at the rib. But Lucifer was more injured than her. Lucifer suddenly jumped on Deathstroke. Eladrienia was trained to fight on Deathstroke’s tail so she was prepared. They fought and fought until finally Lucifer was on his knees. Eladrienia yelled,’’Tagingiera!’’ She stabbed him through the chest, and she thought he was dead so she made way back to the saddle. Then she felt as if hot iron slice through her back and then she passed out.

Eladrienia woke up in her cabin. She felt bandages all over her back. Eragon was talking to two people, but he stopped when she woke up. He walked over to her and asked, “How are feeling?’’

“Not the best, not the best.’’ she answered.

“Well there are some people here I would like you to talk to,’’ he said.

The people walked over. It was Nasuada! The man beside, strangely, he looked like Eladrienia.

“Eladrienia,’’ Nasuada said, ’’This man Murtagh…is…your father.’’

“What?!’’ Eladrienia asked.

“I am your mother. Listen, when I was captured by Gallbrotorix, Murtagh was his right hand man, and he saved me. He left soon after that, but I found him and we secretly married. I had you and I left you on the doorstep of your "Aunt Lillie’s." Then she started crying,’’ When I saw you I was amazed how much you looked like him, Murtagh, your father.’’

“So I am your daughter?’’ Eladrienia asked.

“Yes,’’ said Murtagh.’’And when I heard that I had a daughter, I returned as soon as I could, and now I have decided to never leave again.”

So now the family was reunited. Eladrienia had a family and a dragon. This story of Eldrienia and Deathstroke along with others is now told from generation to generation, but it is not time yet for all to be known, only when they are history and then to the end time.



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