Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Poems About Camping and Hiking

Students often have delightful observations of their experiences outdoors. These poems follow a rubric that requires 3 infinitives, 3 gerunds, and 3 verb-based adjectives that end in ed or en.


To enjoy the fire’s warmth
To smell the smoky flame
To savor the gooey marshmallows
    We begin the night.

Singing hilarious songs
Swatting unbearable mosquitoes
Playing word games
    We bond together.

Smoked fish on the grill
Pinned tents around the fire
Scared kids within their blankets,
   Stories overcome sleep.

--Ashlynn Watkins

The Hike

To inhale the crisp air,
To observe the leafy canopy,
To hear the joyful birds,
   We hike the mountains.

Climbing boundless boulders,
Traversing unspoiled creeks,
Following winding paths,
   We relish the journey.

Inspired freedom during relentless pursuit,
Delighted wonder within our souls
Forgotten stress regarding daily burdens,
   We cherish God’s handiwork.

--Mallory Phillips

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