Friday, February 22, 2013

Funeral by the Sea

About this poem, Chandler writes, “I recently had the opportunity to go to the beach with my family, and I was inspired to write this poem. I had gone to the funeral of my best friend's great grandmother, and it poignantly reminded me that we are truly composed of dust, and to dust we shall return. I also was greatly cheered that death is a passage into a better world, and honestly, I cannot wait to get there.”

Funeral by the Sea

I stand here now beside the sea,
That presence so awe-filled for me,
But I watched death upon this day,
Reminded once more not all is gay.
Though now I am young and bright,
Someday I’ll be gray, old and white.

Though I now linger here,
A ship awaits on golden pier,
To carry me into the west,
And there I picture life at best.
My mind, like the breaking waves,
Searches for a ship that saves
Me from a watery death.

While yet I can draw a breath,
Remind me, Lord, that I am lent,
And though to this earth I am bent,
A day is coming when I will die,
And my essence from this soul shall fly.
In the earth put my corpse will come to be,
But would not it be better to die at sea,
Sailing in my ship so grey,
Awaiting the break of a new day?

I hear the wind sing in my ears,
It softly blows away my fears,
So when my ship comes back for me,
No fears I’ll have to die at sea.
And this is why the sea means sight,
I’ll see it and that oldest Light.
Give me strength to be true,
And brave and ever faithful to You.

When I die, I hope they’ll mourn,
But on that day shall come my morn,
The light I bear will glimmer and glow,
Until the sea winds away shall blow
My ship of grey, and then I will see,
The shores of white that wait for me.
A new day in a golden land,
As I step onto that shore’s white sand.

A sweeter song shall play in my heart,
As I come to rest my Maker’s art
complete shall I be at last,
When my ship the quay has passed.
And I will fall at my Captain’s feet,
No more ashamed of Him to meet
Because when I am old and gray,
I’ll be ever closer to the break of day.

--Chandler Hamby

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