Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Looking Past the Haze

Nelson Lane (Grade 12)

Lenten Meditation

I need to clear the notion of routine from my life. Every day I take the same classes, see the same people, and have similar experiences. However, I want to realize that no two days are exactly the same. Every day has its own unique lessons to be learned. By getting out of the "zone" and looking past the haze of the routine, I hope to better see a world that is daily changing around me, sometimes gradually, sometimes suddenly.

Clearing my focus on routine requires conscious effort, heightened awareness, and keen perception of incidentals, things I might normally ignore. The things that are present beyond the haze.

If I truly desire to learn I have to overcome the "noise" in the world. I rarely experience a moment of silence and stillness. If I can clear away some of this noise, I will be able to see the world around me as it really is, and learn from it rather than continue in the mundane routine. I have to live in the mundane, but with God's help, I don't have to allow it to keep me in ignorance.

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